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Our Mummy and Me classes are designed specifically for children aged 9-18 months. Although our class is called Mummy and Me, it’s not just for mums but also for daddies and carers. This is a fabulous way for you to bond with your baby and enjoy some fun activities that promote growth and development.  Our 30-minute class is a fusion of dance and educational activities that are highly engaging, interactive, and a great way for your children to see you taking part in the activities which in turn will encourage them to take part and follow instructions. Our program also includes some themed weeks where you will take on the role of a character or go on an adventure under the sea or through the jungle.

This class is an amazing transition class before pre-school dance classes, that eases the children into understanding direction and class structure.  This may also eliminate separation anxiety when moving into your studios pre-school program once they turn 2, as the children are familiar with the environment and the teachers.

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