Baby Stars

Age: 9 Month-Walking

Between these 3 months is when your baby starts to understand their emotional relationship with you. They understand when you have left the room and when you come back in and they start to react to the conversation you have with them through smiling and laughing. Your baby really starts to move around within these months such as crawling, rolling, standing or beginning to walk. Fine motor skills start to develop such as picking things up and passing things from one hand to the next.


As this age love music and are starting to move to the music, we use a lot of repetition of movements and songs to help them familiarise themselves with the movements and the words each week. Movements are very simple and we use mirroring, clapping, waving amongst many other movements. As well as this, we use some amazing resources to build fine motor skills.

Super Stars

Age: Walking – 18 Months

The years when the real fun begins! Not only is your toddler more active, but they start to have a mind of their own and start communicating their needs through using singular words. Your little toddler is like a sponge so watching you and your movements in these classes is a great learning tool for them. At this age, your toddler begins to really develop their gross motor skills such as climbing, balancing, dancing, jumping, bending. Their fine motor skills also develop as they start to stack blocks, feed themselves, and show a preference for their right or left hand. Congnitively your toddler will start to follow simple instructions, name objects, imitating sounds and enjoying repetition.


This age love repetition, copying sounds and dance. We include activities such as follow the leader, obstacle courses that include balancing and climbing, throw and catch using scarves, singing and dancing using repetitive words and movements. 

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